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  • TOTUM [Flash] Pulsed UV Disinfection System (125W / 250W)
  • TOTUM [Flash] Pulsed UV Disinfection System (125W / 250W)
  • Rapid!xp脈衝紫外線消毒系統-Totum-1-Duplex產品正面
  • Rapid!xp脈衝紫外線消毒系統-Totum-2-Duplex產品正面

TOTUM [Flash] Pulsed UV Disinfection System (125W / 250W)


The Rapid!xp pulsed xenon UV disinfection system has the same disinfection technology as UV light, and it has been used in medical and mass transit units in the United States. It provides instantaneous and high intensity disinfection of harmful microorganisms, pathogens and allergens with a disinfection rate of >99.9% (3~5-log) and that can be remotely controlled by the App software.


Rapid!xp pulsed xenon UV disinfection lamp wavelength 200-470nm (including UVA, UVB, UVC). It flashes every 6 seconds for 0.003 seconds each time. and the UV intensity is more than 150,000μW/cm² per pulse.


[Flash Series] Single/dual sets Duplex light source lamps, mounted on a mobile tripod, it is with weighs 3.15 kg (excluding lamps) and 3 years warranty.


Feature of the product:

  • High-intensity UV light for rapid sterilization
  • Air and surface sterilization rate>99.999%
  • It can instantly eliminate many kinds of bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens
  • Calculation of disinfection time online
  • Fully automatic smart sterilization
  • App software is controlled by remote instantly
  • Timing and cycle operation management
  • Full use rights management
  • Lamp life up to 18 years
  • The lamp source is mercury-free, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Built-in wide-angle motion detection to ensure personnel safety
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