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  • Before purchasing UV disinfection equipment, you need to understand the following basic knowledge of disinfection

    • Wet (chemical) disinfection:

      • ​A single-targeted disinfection method for killing bacteria and viruses.

      • Chemicals (including alcohol) need sufficient concentration, spray area, film thickness, contact time, and friction to kill pathogenic microorganisms.

      • Spraying alcohol in the air has almost zero effect on eliminating bacteria and viruses.

    • ​Dry (ultraviolet) disinfection:

      • ​The evaluation of ultraviolet disinfection equipment focuses on illuminant intensity, irradiation area, and volume.

      • Only through ultraviolet irradiation and air purification can realize actual disinfection.

UV Disinfection Equipment Precautions

What should you pay attention to when purchasing or using UV disinfection equipment?

What key points should you consider when you purchase or use ultraviolet disinfection equipment as a disinfection or epidemic prevention tool? Regulus Electronics Ltd. has organized the following points for your attention:

  • What are your disinfection objects?

    • Bacteria / Virus / Bacterial Spore / Fungal Spore

    • ​PM2.5 / Dust / Allergens

  • What is the expected disinfection effect you require?

    • Sterilization: the most stringent requirement, all microorganisms must eliminate to achieve an utterly sterile state

    • Bactericidal: it can kill microorganisms so that they cannot grow and reproduce

    • Bacteriostatic: inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and will resume growth and reproduction once it stops

    • Disinfection: eliminate most microorganisms, but not all of them

    • Sanitization: only reduce the number of most microorganisms to meet the minimum safety requirements

  • Has the UV disinfection equipment you evaluated been validated by the P4 highest level biological laboratory?

    • Is there a laboratory report with a qualified disinfection effect?

    • Do you have a complete verification report for COVID-19, MRSA, CDI, and other highly infectious bacteria/viruses?

    • Does the verification report show that bacteria/viruses no longer multiply and completely lose transmission ability after disinfection?

  • What’s the photoelectric radiation power (ultraviolet disinfection intensity) of the illuminantof the disinfection equipment you evaluate?

    • Intense pulsed light: Rapid!xp Solis 1,530 W/m² (single light source); Rapid!xp Duplex 3,570 W/m² (dual light source)

    • LED UVC: 0.0008 W/m² (per piece)

    • UVC: 11.6 W/m² (per tube)

  • What conditions should you evaluate to achieve the complete disinfection effect of UV disinfection equipment?

    • (Surface or volume) × irradiation intensity × irradiation time

    • Surface disinfection calculates according to the area size; air disinfection calculates according to the volume size.

    • Set up a sufficient amount of disinfection equipment for surface/volume disinfection

    • Adequate exposure time for surface/volume disinfection

  • Do you accurately use disinfection equipment?

    • Do you calculate the number of equipment and disinfection time according to the space size and disinfection target?

    • Do the equipment specifications and usage methods achieve the standard of disinfection?

  • Does the disinfection equipment you use equip safety protection measures?

    • Movement sensing / Door opening and closing sensing / Human presence sensing

    • Sound and light alarm / APP alarm

  • Does the disinfection equipment you use have an international certificate for electrical safety certification?

    • Electrical TUV / UL Safety Certificate

    • Environmental protection CE / FCC / ROHS / Use Certificate

  • Does the disinfection equipment you use fully operate 365-day automated?

    • Fully automated equipment

    • Monitoring of disinfection effect

    • Remote control operation settings

    • Scheduled operation management

    • Device networking: one set to control multiple devices

  • What is the cost of consumables for the disinfection equipment you use?

    • What is the life expectancy of consumables?

    • Does the disinfection effect decrease with time of use?

    • Do consumables need to be replaced frequently?

    • Are consumables environmentally friendly?

  • What is the long-term cost of the disinfection equipment you use?

    • Equipment purchase cost

    • Cost of consumables

    • Cost of workforce operation expenses

    • Electricity cost

    • Maintenance/Obsolete/Scrap Recovery Costs

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