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Hotels and Hospitality

Increased customer satisfaction and premiums when they can improve their disinfection practices.

It’s a fact that customers care about cleanliness when making a decision on where to stay and knowing they can trust that their room is not full of hidden germs.


A focus on customers' health & wellness can lead to increased premiums and higher occupancy rates. Green practices in hotels, including reducing the use of harmful chemicals is also an industry driver with customers willing to pay higher premiums for those attributes.

A variety of products means we can help clean any of your spaces

Not only will it be an added tool for your hotel to kill up to 99.9% of germs, including Norovirus and MRSA, UV disinfection may also help raise customer perception, satisfaction, and willingness to pay premiums at your hotel.


Hotel rooms and other hospitality spaces have special disinfection challenges that typical housekeeping activities can only superficially eradicate. Germs and pathogens can linger in carpets and drapes, in kitchenette areas and bathrooms, on bedding and even in the air, making it incredibly hard to truly disinfect a room or public area. Bathrooms, workout areas and other spaces are even more difficult due to mold and fungal pathogenic growth in high-humidity spaces.


Rapid!xp Fixed: UV Disinfection from Above. A permanently installed disinfection solution for areas such as hotel spas, large exercise rooms, and even restaurants.

Rapid!xp Mobile: Portable UV Disinfection. Ideal for guest rooms and for easy flexibility wherever disinfection is needed.

Both units can provide whole room protection no matter the size of the space, and can be programmed to disinfect on demand in one cycle.

Both the Rapid!xp Fixed and Rapid!xp Mobile, powered by Violet Defense® technology, are innovative, broad spectrum UV disinfection products created for either installation in ceilings or on walls, or on wheels or a tripod for room to room flexibility. 

Hotel chains have found success in terms of increased customer satisfaction and premiums when they can improve their disinfection practices and raise customer perception of cleanliness.  

UV disinfection can now be there to automatically clean their bathrooms, or incorporated as part of the housekeeping process for sleeping areas, restaurants, kitchens, and common areas.

Rapid!xp Disinfection, powered by Violet Defense® technology, offers a line of installed and mobile solutions that can help disinfect spaces throughout your hotel.



Prevent foodborne illnesses - proven technology kills E. Coli & Salmonella


Minimize the risk of spreading harmful germs in common areas, such as fitness center

Immediate Need

With the advent of COVID-19, influenza and other current and future pathogen-based infections, guests and staff need to feel safe and secure in all areas of the hotel. Discover a quick, inexpensive and totally effective way to go beyond traditional manual cleaning, and achieve disinfection of all guest rooms, workout rooms, spas and other public spaces inside the hotel.

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