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Frequent Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the disadvantages of chemical disinfection or other UV disinfection equipment?
    1. Chemical Disinfection: (1) High cost of consumables (2) There may be drug residue problems. (3) Higher labor cost and operator infection risk (4) It is not easy to arrange emergency rapid disinfection. (5) The concentration or contact time of the agent is not enough, which reduces the disinfection effect. 2. UV Disinfection Equipment (Single Wavelength UV-C Mercury Lamp): (1) Only germs with high sensitivity to this wavelength have the best disinfection effect. (2) If the photoelectric radiation power (ultraviolet sterilization intensity) of the lamp source is not high, a longer irradiation time is required. (3) Long disinfection time is easy to produce ozone odor and make composite materials deteriorate and discolor. (4) If there is no protective mechanism when the equipment is in operation, it may cause injury to the skin, eyes, etc.
  • 2. What are the advantages of the Rapid!xp Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System?
    1. No chemical residue problem, no cleaning after disinfection, and the lamp source does not contain mercury, safe and environmentally friendly. 2. The lamp source has a lifespan of up to 18 years and can be fully automated, so the cost of consumables, labor costs, and the risk of personnel infection are all low, and emergency disinfection can be performed at any time without human operation factors that affect the disinfection effect. 3. The wavelength of the light source is 200 ~ 470 nm, including the full spectrum of UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A, which can produce the best disinfection effect against various wavelengths of highly sensitive bacteria. 4. The high-intensity photoelectric radiation power (ultraviolet sterilization intensity) of more than 1,530 W/m² per pulse of the lamp source can quickly complete the disinfection, so there is almost no ozone odor problem, and it has no effect on the surface and composite materials. 5. The built-in wide-angle motion sensor enables the light to operate only when no one is in the space, ensuring personnel safety.
  • 3. How effective is the Rapid!xp Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System? Is there any verification?
    This system has been verified by the third-party inspection agency - Eurofins Scientific's Australian laboratory, to verify the disinfection effect of 30 minutes of irradiation at a height of 1, 2, and 3 meters. The results prove that the sterilization rate is greater than 99.9% ( 3 ~ 5-log ). Learn More:
  • 4. Can personnel be present when using the Rapid!xp Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System? Are there safety measures to protect people if they stray into the area being disinfected?
    UV rays can be hazardous to human safety and health, especially to the eyes and skin. The system should not be used in the presence of personnel without proper precautions and personal protective equipment (including protective clothing, goggles, or other protective gear). Learn More: The system has a built-in wide-angle motion sensor. When the disinfection system is operating, once it detects that a person enters the area, the system will immediately suspend operation, and the system will not resume operation until the person leaves, so as to ensure the safety of the personnel. In addition, Regulus Electronics Ltd. recommends adding sound and light alarms and mobile, presence or door magnetic sensors at the entrance and exit of the disinfection area to improve safety protection and active warning notifications during disinfection.
  • 5. How do I operate the Rapid!xp Pulse Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System?
    The system has built-in optimal disinfection operation time and schedule when it leaves the factory. After connecting to the power supply, it can perform fully automatic intelligent disinfection according to the settings. In addition, Regulus Electronics Ltd. provides Rapid!calculus disinfection computer, which can calculate the required disinfection time online according to the required disinfection target and space size, and is a customized professional sterilization solution. Rapid!calculus:
  • 6. How much does the Rapid!xp Pulse Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System cost? Is there any discount?
    For the price of this system, please refer to the pricing on the product page of the product category "Rapid!xp Pulsed UV" on the official website In addition, Regulus Electronics Ltd. will launch special promotions from time to time. Interested parties are welcome to contact +886 (2) 2760 1601 or email to for inquiries, thank you.
  • 7. When is the Rapid!xp Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System suitable?
    This system can quickly eliminate a variety of harmful health viruses, bacteria, fungi, bacterial spores, fungal spores and other microorganisms, as well as pathogens and allergens, and can prevent airborne and surface-borne germs. Therefore, any indoor place that wants to be disinfected every day to maintain a healthy and safe environment, or a high-risk area of infection that wants to be disinfected urgently and quickly, this system is suitable for both cases, but the applicable product series and models will vary according to the size of the space. Depending on the decoration material. Learn More Applications: Learn More Success Case:
  • 8. Is there a warranty on the Rapid!xp Pulse Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System? How to repair if it is broken? Are there consumables?
    The lamp is guaranteed for three years, please refer to the detailed warranty terms The system is economical, with a lamp life of up to 18 years at 30 minutes of operation per day, with no scheduled maintenance and no frequent replacement of consumables, so maintenance costs are extremely low.
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