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Athletic Facilities

70% was determined to be harmful to human

In general, fitness equipment is known to have significant amounts of bacteria.  Exercise bikes, treadmills, and free weights have been tested and found to have millions of colony-forming units (CFU) of bacteria.  That’s over 300 times the amount of bacteria found on a public toilet.  Of the bacteria found on fitness equipment, 70% was determined to be harmful to humans.


The nature of competitive sports can lead to increased risk for infections, including MRSA, respiratory infections, and other illnesses. UV disinfection can add a layer of protection to help keep players healthy and in the game.

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A Variety of Products Means We Can Help Clean Any of Your Spaces

In spite of the risks, we have the power to help protect players, coaches, and other staff from these harmful germs with the power of ultraviolet light.  Rapid!xp Disinfection, powered by Violet Defense’s technology, has a line of products that can help disinfect locker rooms, weight rooms, clinical areas, bathrooms, and more to help kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that threaten the health of your athletes. 

Colonization rate of up to 62%

Athletes in contact sports, including football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, and more are at an even higher risk for MRSA (at a colonization rate of up to 62%), compared to non-contact sport athletes.  Hundreds of players have contracted MRSA with numerous instances of teams facing widespread outbreaks.  Athletes are also at greater risk for respiratory tract and gastrointestinal illnesses. 



Bacteria and viruses can survive for extended periods of time on surfaces, including cardio and other equipment.


Help kill germs on free weights and other exercise equipment that can be challenging to disinfect regularly.


Not only will UV protect your players from illness, but proper disinfection can also take care of unpleasant odors actually caused by bacteria.

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