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Application Examples

Rapid!xp pulsed xenon UV disinfection system has been used in operating rooms, ambulances, aircraft cabins, MRT, buses, restaurants, hotels, school classrooms, kindergartens, state legislatures, NBA disinfection ball boxes, police cars, police equipment disinfection cabinets, etc. They are suitable for variety of indoor locations and small spaces to provide fast and effective air and surface disinfection.

Rapid!xp pulsed xenon UV disinfection system can be used in the home environment. The compact pulsed UV disinfection lamp can be fixed on the ceiling or wall, placed on the desktop or installed on a mobile tripod to achieve fast and effective indoor sterilization effect easily, providing a safe and secure living environment for the family and reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

Rapid!xp Home Application Examples

The Rapid!xp pulsed xenon UV disinfection system can be used in hotels, guesthouses and restaurants for quarantine, leisure travel and business travel.

Rapid!xp Hotel Application Examples

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