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  • Air Purifier (Floor model) - AP-S280D
  • Air Purifier (Floor model) - AP-S280D
  • Rapid!air空氣淨化機(落地款)AP-S280D產品正面
SKU: FP0501W-S280D

Air Purifier (Floor model) - AP-S280D


The Rapid!air air purifier has a built-in high-efficiency filter and can be remotely controlled through the App software to remove suspended particles (such as dust mites, dust, particulate matters, etc.) that are harmful to human health and improve indoor air quality. It is recommended to use Rapid!xp or Rapid!uv UV disinfection equipment for complete air cleaning.

  • Technical Parameters

    • Rated voltage: AC110-120V
    • Voltage frequency: 60Hz
    • Rated power: 66W
    • Noise: 20-65dB(A)
    • CADR (particulate matter): 510m³/h
    • Purification area: 62㎡
    • Timing function: 1→4→8h
    • Wind speed level: 3 gears
    • Networking: Wi-Fi
    • Filter:
      1. Pre-filter: 1 piece
      2. HEPA filter (H13): 1 piece (consumables)
      3. Activated carbon + sponge photocatalytic coal + black wire mesh: 1 piece (consumables)
  • Features

    • Certification: CB, CE, CQC, EMF, GS, KC, ROHS and sterilization report
    • Sleep Mode
    • Temperature and Humidity Display
    • Contains ultraviolet light to kill bacteria
    • Instantly display PM2.5
      1. Blue light: 0-50μg/㎡
      2. Green light: 50-100μg/㎡
      3. Purple light: 100-150μg/㎡
      4. Red light: more than 150μg/㎡
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