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Greater Risk

However, in certain environments, particularly laboratories, the risks can be even greater.  Laboratory workers can be subjected to highly infectious agents in the course of their work, but also the products produced in formulation or extraction labs can be contaminated, causing risks for consumers.

Business Risk

In addition to the risks to the health and wellness of employees and consumers, laboratories not maintaining clean, controlled environments can create major operational and financial risks, such as product recalls, regulatory observations, fines, or other negative outcomes that may be detrimental to their business.


In any type of space, people are at risk from the harmful effects of various microorganisms that can cause infections and illnesses.  These microorganisms are resilient, easy to spread, and can survive on surfaces for hours, weeks, and even months.  


Laboratories must effectively deal with harmful microorganisms, both known and unknown, which may threaten the health of their workers and/or the quality of their products that ultimately impact the health and wellness of consumers.

A variety of products means we can help clean any of your spaces. 

In spite of the risks, we have the power to help protect laboratories from these harmful germs with the power of ultraviolet light.  Rapid!xp Disinfection systems, powered by Violet Defense ® technology, has a line of products that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

Types of Laboratory


There are an estimated 441,000 workers in medical and diagnostic laboratories that are at risk for exposure to infectious agents, including specimens of an unknown nature.  UV disinfection provides an added layer of protection against these harmful pathogens without the toxic hazard that chemicals may pose to workers.


Routine cleaning and disinfection of the environment is a core component of standards designed to help prevent the contamination of products, helping keep them clear of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, S. aureus, and more.  UV disinfection has proven to effectively kill up to 99.9% of these pathogens.


Contaminants on surfaces or in the air may cause issues with mold or bacteria accumulating on equipment, in flow hoods, or in materials or substances involved in experiments.  UV disinfection is a proven method for disinfection with no known resistance, unlike certain chemical disinfectants. 

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