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  • Rapid!smart智慧設備SOS按鈕產品正面
SKU: FP0494Z-H173A



Rapid!smart series includes a variety of emergency and security monitoring, air quality and environmental monitoring, fire monitoring products, as well as equipment remote control and Internet of Things network equipment products, all can be connected to each other simultaneously through App software, Unified management and control, perfecting every aspect of guarding. SOS is an emergency help device that allows user to immediately send out a help notice so that user can get assistance from relevant personnel in a timely manner.

  • Technical Parameters

    • Operating voltage: DC 3 V (CR2032 x 1)
    • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50
    • Ambient humidity: 95 %RH
    • Wireless networking distance: 100 m (open environment)
    • Networking: ZigBee
    • Dimension: 57.5 x 34.5 x 13 mm
  • Features

    1. Low power consumption ZigBee technology, operating life up to 5 years
    2. Uses ZigBee ZHA or Z-WAVE standard protocol
    3. Human engineering button design, comfortable cooperation
    4. Compact and stylish appearance design
    5. Low battery alert and report function
    6. One key alarm
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