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  • Rapid!smart智慧設備紅外線控制器產品正面
SKU: FP0504W-H173A

IR Controller


Rapid!smart series includes a variety of emergency and security monitoring, air quality and environmental monitoring, fire monitoring products, as well as equipment remote control and Internet of Things network equipment products, all can be connected to each other simultaneously through App software, Unified management and control, perfecting every aspect of guarding. IR Controller connects traditional infrared-controlled devices to the WiFi network, and then adds them to App software, which then control the device through App software uniformly.

  • Technical Parameters

    • Operating voltage: DC 5 V (USB power supply)
    • Rated current: 1 A
    • Remote distance: 10 m
    • Remote control angle: 360 degrees (related to the installation method)
    • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50
    • Operating humidity: 95 %RH
    • Networking: Wi-Fi 2.4 G
    • Dimension: 80 × 80 × 28 mm
  • Features

    1. One click configuration within Wi Fi coverage
    2. Dual protection for local area network and Internet communications
    3. Smart choice, compatible with all major brands of appliances
    4. Supports more than 15 infrared devices
    5. 360° connection can be used within 10m
    6. Multiple mounting options, place on a table, stick on the wall or ceiling, magnetic mounting Design
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