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  • Directum DRP-2x2 UVC UV Disinfection System (UVC 30W)
SKU: FP1616-DRP22

Directum DRP-2x2 UVC UV Disinfection System (UVC 30W)


Rapid!uv UVC disinfection system uses Japanese made quartz glass UVC sterilization lamps with FCC, ETL, and CE certified for all components and uses high reflective materials to increase radiation intensity and disinfection efficiency by 70 ~ 99 %. The Rapid!uv UVC disinfection system has built-in ZigBee smart controller and motion sensor, and the lamp only operates when no one is in the space, providing safety and security when disinfecting.


Product Features:

  • Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Lamps
  • Multi-lamp network
  • Online calculation of disinfection time
  • Fully automatic intelligent sterilization
  • App software is remotely controlled in real time
  • Timed and cyclic operation management
  • Complete access to authority management
  • Built-in wide-angle motion detection for personnel safety
  • Made in Taiwan, 3 years warranty
  • FCC / CE / NCC / ROHS / UL / ETL certified materials
  • Highly reflective UV material can effectively increase the radiation intensity and bactericidal efficiency by 70 ~ 99 %
  • Optional built-in UV intensity sensor for effective monitoring of lamp source irradiation efficiency
  • Optional tandem devices (motion / presence / door magnetic sensors / acoustic alarms / wireless switches) help to enhance the safety of the lamps in various locations
  • Specification

    • Model: Directum DRP-2x2
    • Size: 600 x 600 x 65.3 mm
    • Electrical parameters: 80 W110 V ~ 277 V50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Used temperature: 0 ~ +40
    • Storage Temperature: -10 ~ +50
    • Humidity of use : < 80 %RH
    • UVC total power: 30 W
    • UVC wavelength: 254 nm
    • Number of lamps: T8 lamps x 4 pcs
    • Lamp length: 580 mm
    • Lamp life: 8,000 hours (estimated according to recommended usage)
    • Installation: Light steel frame
    • UL Certified UVC high specification ballasts
    • UV Resistant G13 Lamp holder
    • The disinfection intensity of the light: 300 μW/cm²
    • Directum DRP-2x2 Light disinfection intensity: 1,100 μW/cm²
  • Notes

    • UVC radiation can be hazardous to human safety and health, especially to the eyes and skin. The system should not be used by personnel in an unprotected environment, without appropriate protective measures and personal protective equipment (including the use of protective clothing, goggles or other protective gear).
    • Operators should use personal protective equipment (PPE), including UVC goggles, protective gloves, and should cover all exposed skin. Operators should not shine UVC disinfection lamps on themselves or others.
    • When the UVC disinfection lamp is in operation, a warning sign should be used to prohibit personnel from entering the disinfection area. The product is to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's site plan proposal, including placement, parameter setting and disinfection time.
    • Mercury is contained in the lamp. If the lamp is damaged, ventilate the room for 30 minutes immediately that it is recommended that it be removed while wearing gloves. Please place the broken lamp in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste disposal center for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.
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